Driving in Smoke:


The unfortunate part of the Summer season includes extreme heat and dry conditions. With this combination as well as external factors, wildfires are created -- causing not only damage, but the potential for a large, traveling plume of smoke. 

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When you’re driving in smoke, use your air re-circulator to keep the air inside your vehicle cool and fresh. Avoid opening your windows as much as possible. Recirculating the air inside of your cabin prevents your system using outside air to enter your vehicle. It’s important to protect your lungs from the harmful smoke particles. Once the smoke has disappeared, be sure to change your cabin air filter at the end of the season as it can get dirty very quickly with smoke around.


If the air is too smoky, it can cause limited visibility similar to fog. In this case, make sure you’re cautious and slow down! Using your fog lights is also a good choice in these conditions. 


If the air is unhealthy around you, stay inside as much as possible and use these tips to prevent any unnecessary contact with the smoky air.

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