How does the Tire Pressure Monitor System work?


The tire pressure monitor system is a convenient system that constantly monitors your tire’s pressure in order to ensure your tires have enough air and are ready to hit the road. This feature presents an extra safety addition, as tires are the only contact your vehicle has with the road.

On many newer vehicle models, the TPMS can be integrated with the driver information display.


Each tire is equipped with a special sensor that lets your vehicle know that a tire is low, and will indicate that with a warning light and information on the equipped driver information display. If the vehicle is equipped, the TPMS can sense the amount of pressure within each tire and display each psi on the display. This helps save time trying to find which tire needs air the most. TPMS sensors also need to be replaced or serviced as they can lose battery over time. The average lifespan of a tire pressure sensor is about 7-8 years, but can last much longer than that.


New models have an easy fill feature added to the tire pressure system. This easy fill feature saves you even more time by providing an alert when your tire is at the ideal psi as you are filling up your tires.


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