Chevrolet's Bowtie has always been a symbol of the hard work and dedication behind designing a great line of automobiles. Throughout the years, the same basic shape is seen in most of the long-standing history of Chevrolet vehicles. William C. Durant, Chevrolet co-founder, was the first one to introduce this signature bowtie in 1913.  There are many stories as to where he came up with the design. These include the bowtie being an infinity design on a hotel wallpaper in France, a restructured Swiss flag, an idea hatched from a similar advertisement design, and more.

With the introduction of many amazing models throughout the years, the logos have adapted and have been refined further into the gold bowtie we know infamously today. 

Image List of Chevrolet Bowties

1913: The bowtie was debuted on the Chevrolet H-2 Royal Mail model for 1914 and the H-4 Baby Grand model.

1936: The bowtie was further refined to become a well-known badge on all 1936 Chevrolet Truck models. 

1947: This logo appeared on many Chevy models including the Fleetline, Fleetmaster, and Stylemaster models!
These models hit assembly lines after 4 years of war in which no civilian cars were produced -- so demand was very high.
Learn more about these models here

1955: The bowtie was given a classy backdrop to be presented on the hoods of the Bel Air, 210, 150, and Nomad models. These models were revolutionary during this time, and remain extremely popular with collectors. The mid-size Chevrolet 210 & 150 were both named after their production model numbers (2100 & 1500) - which was becoming a trend in the car industry back in the 50's.

1969: This interesting purple bowtie showed up on the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro models.

1974: The silver bowtie made its debut on the 1974 Chevrolet Impala. This year of Impala was one of refinement, with extra insulation, disc brake wear sensors, corrosion-resistant coating, and more.

1982: Introduced on the 1982 Blazer, this logo version begins to show the resemblance to today's infamous gold bowtie.
The hearty Blazer was introduced in 1969, and eventually was replaced by the Tahoe model in 1995. Chevrolet has since reintroduced and Redesigned the Blazer in 2018 as a 2019 model.

1995: With a warmer gold tinge, this Chevy emblem was regularly used on all newer trucks (1995-2000) at this time.
During this period of time, the Silverado went from being just a trim level, to a full model in 1999.

2004: This golden symbol becomes infamous throughout the world. This refined symbol began with the 2004 Malibu model, and became standard on every Chevy model since then.
The Malibu has a history of being a performance vehicle, and one point had the SS (Super Sport) version of the model. 

2013: Marketed in more than 140 countries, the bowtie has a modern feel that you will see on every newer model today. The question is... will we see another change to the logo in the future?


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